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Floor Cleaning

It is vital to have the professionals come out and properly clean your floors so that you can free it from holding onto any dirty dust, grime, and allergens. Our team is thorough and will work their hardest to make your carpets, tile, or linoleum look, smell, and feel like new. Always punctual, you can expect the best when you hire Newark Cleaning Service today. Call us now to get started.

Janitorial Services

To make sure your business, communal space, storefront, or more are in tip top shape hire our expert team today in Newark, NJ. We can maintain all of your daily or weekly cleaning duties so to make sure that your facility is perfectly clean and tidy for all upcoming customers, visitors, or business associates. Click the button below to get started on scheduling your professional and reliable janitorial services.

Warehouse Cleaning

Our number one rule is a clean and tidy warehouse is a safe warehouse. If your warehouse is dirty or cluttered, that mess can lead to accidents from having debris on the floor or aisles. Our team has a comprehensive warehouse checklist so that no inch goes untouched. Click the button below to schedule your upcoming warehouse cleaning in Newark, NJ today!

Other Services

Floor Care Programs
Post-Construction Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

Apartment move in/out cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning
Window Cleaning

Special Occasion Projects
Emergency Cleaning

✔Stripping and Removal Services

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Newark Cleaning Provides services to:

✔ Commercial Buildings
✔ Industrial Complexes
✔ Distribution Centers
✔ Medical Offices
✔ Schools
✔ Shopping Centers
✔ Retail Stores
✔ Banks
✔ Apartment Complexes
✔ Apartment move in/out